Singapore ranked TOP in retirement finances…

While it is good news that Singapore is ranked TOP in retirement finances, it appears that many Singaporeans are not happy. They cite that the quality of life is not good and that they have to worked to a much older age. If only they would realise that they are still much better off than many around the world…..if you ask them whether they would swop their citizenship with other people from other countries, many would rather stay put.

I am thankful that we have a government that is earnest about tackling the tough challenge of income inequality, social integration and other economic challenges that other governments only pay lip service to. I applaud the government for reigning in on property prices so that our property market is not like that of Hong Kong.

Are we, as a result, less democratic than Hong Kong? Not the least. Everyone can speak up when they disagree. And I hope those who speak up will offer alternative solutions rather than just disagree – because the country must progress and move on. I like to believe that Singapore has a system of democracy that works. It can only be further refined with good ideas – which, who in his sound mind, would not adopt?

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