Being open & transparent is probably the best way to build trust between a government & it’s people

With social media, information spreads like wild fire. Some countries have used legislation to curb the spread of fake news. Is that enough? Will it be effective? Perhaps being transparent & open is the best way to build trust. Check out this article…


  1. Instead of curbing news in social medias, the Government should form PR task force to engage fake news and provide clarity on rumors and actions taken by the Government. Large corporations have it so why not Government themselves?


    1. I can’t imagine that this is not already being done. I think the damage, impact and extent in which fake news can affect a country is quite different compared to a large corporation.


      1. Large corporation actually gets it worse which is why they spent millions on PR. Case at hand – McDonald’s Malaysia a few years ago. Fake news cause the giant to actually close a lot of branches and layoff staff after a fake news caused customers to boycott them. It took time and massive PR campaign to bring back the customers.

        Government usually don’t have the luxury of money but they do have the manpower. It’s a matter of how they organize themselves in handing fake news.


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