Washington Post rapped for perpetuating false allegations on Singapore’s POFMA law

Fake news has been an issue for many countries. Most have not done anything to address this. Singapore recently passed the POFMA (prohibition of online falsehood manipulation act) to curb the damaging effects of fake news.

Recently, this law had to be invoked to address some false information posted on Facebook. Washington Post ran an article pointing out that Singapore’s POFMA could have a “chilling effect on online free expression” and “open the door to broad government censorship”. Singapore’s ambassador to the US wrote a response to explain that Singapore’s POFMA did not require the original article to be taken down. It only required Facebook to provide a link to the correct facts. This way, readers can read both set of information and decide for themselves what the truth was. But the Washington Post did not publish the ambassador’s letter.

So, who is censoring the truth? Isn’t this a demonstration that POFMA is really required in this day and age so that the public is not misled? Check out these articles…

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