Fake news can destroy societies – that’s why we need laws to protect us against it!

This blog is built on the basis that our minds, character and outlook are shaped by what we read. Hence, I share articles that are helpful in moulding good values, useful in promoting truth or just fun facts.

Singapore recently introduced anti-falsehood laws called POFMA. Many were skeptical about this. But I am all for it. And I have personally experienced a “drastic reduction” (to the extent of near zero) in receiving “juicy news” that stir up emotions but with info not validated. POFMA makes people more responsible in what they share and instills a realisation that we should not just believe what we hear but validate it. Check out these articles which examine how the spread of falsehood has brought down societies. The article also describes how we need to go beyond preventing the spread of falsehood but actively share the truth!

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