JetBoat Rides @ Queenstown New Zealand

One of the Must-Do if you are heading to Queenstown New Zealand is to take a JetBoat Ride.

There are 2 JetBoat Operators in Queenstown – KJet and Shotover Jet. Each of them has been designated to specific sections of the Shotover River so that the boats of both companies won’t collide along the river.

The embarkation point for KJet is in downtown Queenstown where the jetty is located. Alternatively, you can board at the Marina area along Frankton road where the Marina Apartments are located. KJet covers Lake Wakatipu, the Kawarau and a good part of the Shotover river. The ride is high-speed and fun.

The embarkation point for ShotoverJet is at Arthurs Point. ShotoverJet offers views of cliffs, rocks and gorges. Personally, I think the ShotoverJet offers a more scenic ride. But this really depends on individual preferences of views. Check out this video to see the difference in the 2 offerings. Please enjoy & like! Thanks.

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