5 Must-Do Activities in Queenstown New Zealand

Whether you are visiting Queenstown New Zealand in summer or winter, the following are 5 activities you “must do” when you are there:

1) Skydiving with NZone

NZone is the most established Skydiving company in New Zealand. The views when free-falling in Queenstown Beats any other part of the world. I have no regrets taking this leap of faith from 12,000ft in the sky. Definitely worth doing it.

Free-Fall from 12,000 ft with NZone

2) The Luge at Skyline Gondola

The Luge is a really fun activity for young and old. Once you are at the TOP of the Skyline Gondola, you will just be in awe with the amazing view of Queenstown. There’s a restaurant on the hill TOP. Enjoy a meal or just a coffee. Thereafter, take the Luge and enjoy the views doing downhill. Believe me – Once is never enough on the Luge. You will want to do it again.

The Luge @ Skyline Gondola

3) Shotover Jet

There are to Jetboat companies covering different parts of the Shotover River. I like the Shotover Jet (located at Arthur’s Point) because it offers better views of rocks, cliffs & mountain gorges.

Shotover Jet @ Arthur’s Point

4) Bungy Jump/Zipline

This is where Bungy jumping all started – at the Kawarau River. If Bungy jumping is too much for you, check out the Bungy/ Zipline which is less intimidating.

Bungee Jump @ Kawarau River

5) Paragliding off Coronet Peak

Finally, leap off Coronet Peak and paraglide down to the farms near Arrow Town. The views are stunning and you just feel like you are floating in the air.

Way up Coronet Peak for Paragliding

Enjoy this video where I have strung all 5 activities together. Please enjoy and like. Thank you.

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