1-Minute Video – Masada, Israel – UNESCO World Heritage Site….

I visited Masada, Israel – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – in Dec 2018. This is a 1-minute video summarising what you will see there and the story of Masada.

This was King Herod’s Retreat located South-West of the Dead Sea in the first century. When Jerusalem was invaded in AD70, a group of Jewish Rebels retreated to the south, stayed up at Masada and held it for 2 years.

The defenders were led by Eleazar Ben Jair, who convinced 960 of them (including women & children) to take their own lives rather than being captured as slaves. Only 2 women & 5 children hid in a water conduit and survived to tell the story. This was documented by the 1st century historian Flavius Josephus in his writings – War.7.9.1.

Whether the rebels were right in taking their own lives is history that cannot be changed. But my guide at Masada told me that every Israeli Defence Force soldier is now trained to remember never to let another Masada incident happen in Israel.

I highly recommend that you visit this historic place. Put it in your Must-Visit list. Check out this 1-minute video that summarises what I saw at Masada. Hope you will enjoy and like it! Thank you.

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