The JEWEL at Singapore Changi Airport – one year ago and yesterday…

Opened in mid-2019, the Jewel at the Singapore Changi Airport was bustling with people. The iconic 40m high waterfall was the Centre of attraction in the midst of an indoor garden with more than 2,000 trees and 100,000 shrubs from all over the world.

One year later, 7 Apr 2020, Singapore implemented compulsory “circuit-breaker” measures to control the spread of the Coronavirus. There was hardly a soul at Jewel. The waterfall was stopped to conserve energy. Passenger traffic at Changi Airport dropped by 80%. That’s the effect of the Coronavirus.

How Long will this be? China showed us that their draconian measures took about 2+ months before things got moving again. Let’s hope that every country around the world will exercise the same disciplines in managing this crisis. Hopefully we can return to some form of normalcy by July? It will very much depend on whether everyone cooperates in fighting this virus.

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