ClubMed in Bintan, Indonesia – 1 minute Video

I visited ClubMed Bintan, Indonesia in Dec 2019. Although this was the monsoon season, I was blessed with 2 days of sunny weather where my family could enjoy the beach and some outdoor sports.

I even had a chance to play Golf at the Ria Bintan Golf Resort – one of the best Golf Courses in Asia. The Signature hole was a par 3 – right next to the South China Sea. It was definitely a lovely sight!

This is a family-friendly resort with over 400 rooms in a Low-rise beach-facing blocks. As per ClubMed experience, every meal is a sumptuous international buffet where you can eat to your heart’s content.

The GOs (Guest Organisers) are friendly and professional – they are so talented – can sing, dance, do sports and a pleasure to converse with.

Check out this 1 minute video that shows you the various facilities at this resort – which includes a trapeze right next to the beach.

It is definitely worth a visit if you want a relaxing activities-filled holiday in a resort setting at an all-costs-included price. Check it out in this 1 minute video! Hope you will enjoy & like it. Thank you.

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