How far would you go to support safe-distancing?

The above picture shows a “Safe Distancing” ambassador in Singapore helping to ensure that customers in a Supermarket were keeping a sufficiently safe distance apart. For some reason, there are still people who are not convinced the need for this practice in this current situation.

Safe-distancing is not just to protect yourself; more importantly, it is to protect others in case you are an asymptomatic covid-19 person. But some people just don’t get it.

On the other hand, we see some people who are so conscious that they would literally go a “Long way” for the sake of the health of other people. (See article below). I applaud their civic-mindedness.

This Malaysian, Alixson Mangundok, returned from Japan. Upon reaching the airport in Kota Kinabalu, he decided that he did not want to endanger anyone in case he is asymptomatic. What did he do? He walked 120km to get to his hometown.

He could have call his parents to fetch him. He could have taken public transport. He could have hitched a ride. But his civic mindedness made him walk the 120km home. Would you do something like this?

Would you do something like this?

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