Bangkok – One of the best places in South East Asia for shopping….

I visited Bangkok – Thailand’s capital – in Feb 2020. I was there for business meetings, but managed to spend 2 evenings shopping. And I was pleasantly surprised by the shopping experience.

I stayed in the vicinity of Bangkok’s prime shopping district called Central World.

This was a huge mall (see picture on left) that had sheltered connections to many other Malls in the vicinity. (Check out my 1-minute video)

Bangkok has a population of more than 8M. This gives the city a bustling feeling with many people on the streets. But as expected, traffic was a major challenge. There is a mass rapid transit system that served most parts of the city. The city is also served by river taxis – boats that plied the Chao Phraya River and its network of canals. This was a good alternative to beat the traffic. (see picture below).

River Taxi

Many of the retail staff speak English. Hence, conversing with them was not an issue. If you are from a country with a strong currency, you will find the prices of most things very affordable.

Each mall offered a unique shopping experience, not just in layout and design. The type of goods available were also distinctly different in each mall. It was an interesting experience to move from one mall to another.

Unfortunately, I had only two evenings to do shopping. I am certainly planning to return to this place to continue where I left off. Here is a 1-minute video that provides a flavour of what to expect in Bangkok – primarily at the Central World vicinity where I spent most of my time. Check it out. Hope you will like it. Enjoy!

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