Victoria Peak – Must Visit when you are in Hong Kong!

I was in Hong Kong for a short vacation in July 2019. This was just before the protests riots caused tourists to shun the city. One of the attractions I recommend as a Must-Visit is Victoria Peak. (Check out this one-minute summary video)

You can hike up this 370m hill, take a bus or a tram. The bus ride takes about 45 minutes while the tram takes only 8 minutes.

I took the tram – which goes quite steep at certain parts. Quite an interesting experience. Along the way, you can to see Kowloon and the tall buildings on Hong Kong island.

I would recommend that you plan for a late afternoon trip up Victoria Peak so that you get to see both the day & night scenes of Hong Kong from the top.

There are eateries at the top of Victoria Peak. You can have dinner there but take note there is always a long queue for the tram to get down. Taxis are expensive. You can consider taking a bus down.

View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

The day & night views of Hong Kong & Kowloon from Victoria Peak are just magnificent. That’s a view to the west. If you look to the east, you see the South China Sea and many tiny islands beyond Hong Kong.

Looking East from Victoria Peak – view of the South China Sea and islands near Hong Kong

Check out this 1-minute video that summarises my experience at Victoria Peak. Hope you will enjoy and like it.

You should also check out this post on my 3-day experience in Hong Kong which includes a 1-minute video summary. Thanks.

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