Hong Kong – 1 minute video

I visited Hong Kong in July 2019. This was just before the protest riots caused tourists to shun the city. (Yesterday, I posted a 1-minute video of Victoria Peak – a must-visit place if you are in Hong Kong). This article and video is about Hong Kong – the city itself.

Anti-government protestors speaking their minds along the streets of Kowloon (which is on mainland Hong Kong).

For those who are not familiar – Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. It has many districts – Lantau (where the Hong Kong International Airport is located), Hong Kong island, Kowloon, etc. Hong Kong island is where Victoria Peak is located. Kowloon is on the mainland continent of China. These 2 districts are linked by ferries & undersea tunnels.

I found Hong Kong to be vibrant and full of interesting places to visit. There are so many high rise buildings – a clear sign of the economic wealth of a segment of population there.

View of Hong Kong island & Victoria Peak from Kowloon harbour

Yet, the poor is seen in the streets & night markets, peddling their goods and never seem to sleep.

The vibrancy of the city is evident. Most global banks and Brands can be found here. The people speak English and a lot of Cantonese.

The streets are crowded and bustling with people walking fast. Distance between buildings are narrow – this is really like a concrete jungle.

It is an interesting experience nonetheless. Here’s a 1-minute video of what it is like in the streets of Hong Kong. Hope you will enjoy and like it. I recommend that you should experience Hong Kong yourself when you come to Asia.


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