Macau – Architectural Wonderland

I spent 2 nights in Macau in July 2019. I am not a gambler and had no intentions to visit the casinos.

A friend recommended that I just go and admire the many luxury hotels there since I was in the HK & Shenzhen vicinity. I took his advice and was pleasantly surprised by what I would call an architectural wonderland there. Check out this 1-minute video of my experience viewing the array of different hotels and their unique architecture.

The city of dreams is a rectangular block with a hole in the middle, joined by what looked like arterial valves,

This is not the Eiffel Tower of Paris but a replica in Macau. You can literally go up the tower, for a fee of course.

The Venetian – with a distinct Italian theme and a large lake featuring dancing waters & lights at night.

The Venetian also featured an internal mall with artificial skies, canals & gondolas giving you a feeling of being in Venice.

The Galaxy – Golden all over with one of the largest wave pool in asia and a “lazy river” where currents will sweep you downstream.

The Galaxy Hotel

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