How the economy can potentially return to normalcy in the midst this Covid-19 crisis….

Covid-19 has caused major economies to shutdown. This caused demand to tank overnight. And it is hard to imagine how demand can be re-ignited when even the race to provide a vaccine seems at least half a year away.

This article below provides a good idea of how the economy can potentially return to normalcy even in the midst of this crisis where no vaccine is available. And the idea hinges on identifying people who inherently have antibodies that can fight this virus. Such people have either:

  • contracted the disease but recovered from it and developed immunity
  • been exposed to the disease, had mild symptoms or remained asymptomatic and recovered

These people would have antibodies that kept them safe from future infection. We need to provide a quick test to identify such people, issue them with a certificate and enable them to get back to work. They can kick-start the economy while the efforts to develop a vaccine continued.

I personally think this is a viable idea because it can ignite demand again, slowly but surely. What are your views?

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