Countries should cooperate and not accuse others during this Covid-19 Crisis…

World economies are suffering from Covid-19 related shutdowns. Healthcare systems are under tremendous strain & pressure. Thousands of people are still dying everyday from Covid-19 related complications. In the midst of all these, what is the United States Doing?

The article below tells us that the US is pursuing theories that the Covid-19 virus leaked from a Wuhan lab. The hint is that compensation is required from the country who caused all the Covid-19 related health & economic issues. It’s a blame game. It is really sad that this is coming from the US. Perhaps it is a distraction ploy for the coming election.

Even if we pursued this path that the country from which the virus emerged should bear full responsibility, including compensation, there ought to be some consistency in this practice.

For example, the 2008/9 global financial crisis started because of the Lehman Brothers collapse in the US. Did any country suggest that the US bear full responsibility for the global financial crisis? What about countries from which MERS, Ebola & H1N1 emerged? Did we require that they bear full responsibility?

I am not pro-China. Neither am I anti-American. I recognise & respect the contributions of these 2 countries to the world. I am pro-objectivity. At this time of the crisis, countries should be cooperating and not finger-point. It is unnecessary negative energy. Let us put some perspective into this matter.

China implemented some draconian measures when they realised the severity of the Covid-19 virus. Two days before the Lunar New Year celebrations, they locked down 60million people. Can you imagine the United States doing this 2 days before Thanksgiving? Surely there are lessons that we can learn from China in how to overcome Covid-19?

They are now leading post-Covid-19 economic recovery. Why not cooperate with them for the benefit of everyone?

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