10 most important skills in demand by employers…

It’s skills that will count in the post covid-19 world. What kind of skills have thrived during the lock-down period? What kind of skills will employers be seeking? The following article lists 10 skills deemed most important. Do you agree?

Out of these 10 skills, adaptability and flexibility is most important. Why?

Covid-19 has shown us that changes in our operating environment can happen suddenly.

For example, companies that do not have a digitalised process struggled when lockdowns started. But amongst these, some adapted quickly. They may have been experiencing a niche in the pre-covid days and did not see a need for digitalisation. But the moment the need arose, the quickly adapted. But some companies were just not able to adapt.

If you were in any of these companies, they would value your ability to quickly adapt to the new operating environment. That assumes that you will have skills such as: tech-savviness, creativity, critical thinking, data literacy, leadership, etc.

Nonetheless, this is a good checklist of skills for us to consider.

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