Hong Kong, Macau & Shenzhen – 1 minute videos

I visited the cities of Hong Kong, Macau & Shenzhen in July 2019. If you have never been to these cities, I recommend that you plan a short trip to this part of the world. These cities are adjacent to each other. They are a triangle of major economic activities in southern China.

There are land & ferry links between these 3 cities – all within 1hr travel. People in Hong Kong & Macau speak fluent English. Shenzhen is progressing towards that direction. Getting around is not an issue as road signs are in English & Chinese.

I have prepared 1-minute videos of various experiences in each of these cities. I have also prepared 1-minute videos of how to get to Macau & how to get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong International Airport by bus. Hope you will like them and have a chance to visit them as well.

I tried to summarise my 3-day experience in Hong Kong in this 1-minute video.

There is another 1-minute video of Victoria Peak – a must visit place if you are in Hong Kong.

It probably does not do justice to the place. But I hope it will give you an idea of what it is like to be there.

I spent 2 nights in Macau. It was my first time there. I did not know what to expect. I was not a gambler and did not even step into any of the casinos. But I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing architecture of the many Integrated Resorts there.

Here are 1-minute videos of two famous hotels in Macau – the Venetian and the Galaxy. Do check them out!

I also spent 2 nights in Shenzhen. This city never fails to amaze me as a city of technology trade. The famous HuaQiang district is simply second to none in asia.

Hope you will enjoy and like these videos.


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