With adversity, there is innovation….

There is no doubt that this is a very challenging period for individuals and businesses. But this is also the time where innovation can thrive. Just think about the way many people have designed and made their own masks in the midst of global shortages. And the personal protection equipment that Hospitals have designed on their own.

The article below examines the different types of innovation that has taken place. The fact is this – sometimes when we are cornered to helplessness, that’s where the struggle to survive forces our Creative juices to flow. That’s why the private sector often leads when it comes to innovation. The need to survive forces them to think out of the box – new ways of doing things, new types of products & services, etc.

Even at home, innovation can happen. In the midst of shutdowns & social distancing measures, these two sisters found a way to keep themselves occupied, entertained and challenged. They played tennis across 2 roof-tops. They even designed a way to retrieve balls that have dropped downstairs using a fish line. In adversity, there is innovation. Check out this article.

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