Cleaner air & clearer skies after Lockdown in China…

The picture above shows a “cherry blossom” equivalent in China. The beauty and glory of the earth is seen from the beautiful colours spread all over the grass.

The infographic below shows the levels of PM2.5 in the air over China from Jan to Mar 2020.

The PM2.5 level dropped significantly when China commenced its lockdown in the major cities. You can literally see the darkened area disappear in week 3 of Mar 2020.

PM2.5 nitrate particles are known to be harmful to humans and can lead to heart disease, stroke or cancer over time.

The question is whether China can maintain having clearer skies and cleaner air even as lockdown measures are lifted.

This is one of the positive effects of the covid-19 crisis. When human activities stop, the earth heals. Let’s hope that we have learnt this lesson of not harming the earth with human activities.

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