Old City of Jerusalem – UNESCO World Heritage Site

I visited Israel in Dec 2018. It was wonderful to experience the culture and see the many historical sites there.

I have prepared a series of 1-minute videos of the various places I visited in Israel. These will be progressively upgraded. There are so many videos that provide information about Israel. The value of these 1-minute videos lie in that they present a summary of the experience to give you a flavour our what to expect. If you want details, you can search for other videos that provide the details.

Today, I have 3 videos to share. Each are about 1-minute in duration. They are about Jerusalem by Day & Night. Jerusalem has been destroyed and re-constructed so many times. The current remains are apparently from the times of the Byzantine empire.

Old City of Jerusalem by Night

This picture shows “Damascus Gate” to the Old City. In there is a maze of shops. Just walking through is an interesting experience without having to make any purchases. The 1-minute video was taken after 7.30pm.

Old City of Jerusalem by Day

This picture shows a view of the Temple Mount from the Mount of Olives. The golden Dome is now a mosque. Apparently, the location is where Solomon’s temple used to be. Do watch this 1-minute video of the Old city of Jerusalem by Day.

Old City of Jerusalem – view from Mount of Olives

The view of the Old City of Jerusalem is quite magnificent from the top of the Mount of Olives. This 1-minute video that captures this view. Check it out.

One of the walls – called the “Wailing Wall” is believed to be the remaining section of the original wall of Jerusalem. Devotees gather there everyday, facing that wall to utter their prayers, recite the Psalms and slot their prayers written on slips of paper into cracks in the wall.

The “Wailing Wall” of Jerusalem

Do watch the 1-minute video clips I have prepared that present the day & night scenes of Jerusalem as well the view from the Mount of Olives. Hope you will like and share them. Enjoy!


  1. I have been to this marvellous place in 2019. Centuries of history stands still there. Epoch- making events, kings ,emperors , horses , blood, sacrifice and salvation all fill the air there. Thanks for the clippings Leeson.

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