Walking 4,000 more steps a day can reduce dying early from disease risk by 50%

Our sedentary life style can be a health hazard. A new study finds that taking 4,000 more steps a day can reduce the risk of dying early from heart, cancer and other diseases by 50%. Now, this is a very high level figure. Hence, there is a need to look at the details. Your can check out the article below.

But the point here has to do with exercise and how much calorie intake one has per day. Walking 4,000 calories will take most people about 30 minutes. That burns about 300+ calories. Offset that against what we normally ingest, we are probably close to a nett daily zero calorie gain/loss situation. (Please refer to the post on my experience of sustained weight loss to better appreciate what I am referring to here.)

At the end of the day, it is about balancing calorie burn, exercising our muscles to prevent muscle loss and calorie in-take. This is especially important in the current times when most countries are in lock-down state. You need to find ways to burn calories even when at home.

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