This Drone delivery business seems viable…

There have been reports of using drone for online purchase deliveries to residences. But I don’t think this has taken off extensively.

Here’s a drone delivery business which I think is viable and has great potential. called F-drones, this service aims to deliver items to offshore ships. The business problem it solves is simple – the current mode of delivery to offshore ships is dependent on diesel-powered launch boats which can take up to 2hrs to make deliveries. Their service can be affected by inclement weather or the mere fact that the item is too small to warrant a trip.

F-drones can currently carry 5kg load for 5km distances. It is working on a service that can carry 100kg over 100km. It has already signed a contract for 200 deliveries this year. There is no concern of these drones flying over water compared to flying over land in Singapore. I really think there are good opportunities for this business. Check our this article for the details!.

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