1-minute video – Caesarea – Ancient Sea Port & Resort in NW Israel…

Continuing with my 1-minute video series on Israel, today you see a 1-minute video of Caesarea. This is an ancient sea-port & resort at the north western coast of Israel facing the Mediterranean Sea.

The remnants at this sea port & resort is quite astounding. There is a huge sea facing arena – where races and fights take place. There is also an amphitheatre for other performances further in land.

Caesarea was mentioned several times in the book of Acts. For example, “And after some days King Agrippa and Bernice came to Caesarea to greet Festus.” Acts‬ ‭25:13‬ ‭‬‬. Clearly, this sea port was an important meeting place for many people.

This place was also an R&R resort for Roman soldiers between deployment.

Facing the Mediterranean Sea, the strong waves and wind constantly pound the coastal bunds.

As a port, it is fully equipped with storage facilities for cargo.

This place has been retrofitted to include some modern cafes so that visitors can lounge and enjoy the sea amidst a historical landscape.

If you are in Israel, it is worth visiting this place. Check out this 1-minute video of Caesarea. Hope you will like it and share. Thank you.

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