1-minute video – Nazareth – village that Jesus Grew up in…

Continuing with my 1-minute video series on Israel, today you see a 1-minute video on Nazareth – the village that Jesus grew up in.

Modern Nazareth, Israel

Modern day Nazareth is definitely nothing like what it used to be >2,000 years ago during the days when Jesus was there. But there is a small park in modern Nazareth, called Nazareth village.

Nazareth Village, Israel

This is a project that aimed to re-enact the daily life-scenes in 1st century Nazareth. The tools they used, the plants/trees that were found there, the types of buildings, the clothes they wore, the winepress and even the tombs of those days.

It is as close as you can get to experience what it was like during the days when Jesus was on earth and the environment He grew up in. Check out this 1-minute video of Nazareth to see some of the images of Nazareth Village. Hope you will like and share. Thank you.

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