1-minute video – Wailing Wall of Jerusalem – UNESCO World Heritage Site…

Continuing with my 1-minute video series on Israel, today you see a 1-minute video on the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem had been destroyed and reconstructed several times. The current buildings that we see in Old City Jerusalem were from the Byzantine empire.

There is one section of the Old City Jerusalem called the Wailing Wall. Apparently this is the only section of the wall that remained from its original form that survived all the destruction.

Many Devotees will turn up at this section of the wall everyday, praying and reciting the Psalms, facing this wall. They weep over all the destruction that the city had experienced (there’s a reason for this to be called the wailing wall) and the devotees could spend hours here everyday.

Many even write their prayers on slips of paper and place them in the cracks on the wall.

Wailing Wall, Jerusalem

This place is a UNESCO world Heritage. I recommend that you come and see this for yourself. Check out this 1-minute video that gives you a glimpse of what you can expect. Hope you will like it and share. Thank you.

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