1-minute videos & posts of various places in Israel

I visited Israel in Dec 2018. I had a wonderful experience seeing the biblical sites, experiencing the culture and viewing first-hand the places I read about in the Bible.

I have written a short summary of each of these places I visited in Israel. Accompanying each of these posts is a 1-minute video of these places. These videos have been compiled in this youtube playlist.

The value of these 1-minute videos lie in that you get a 1-minute summary of what you see at those places. If you want more details, you can search for other videos in YouTube which give you the details.

Check out these posts and 1-minute videos on Israel:

The Wailing Wall of Jerusalem – supposedly the original section of the Jerusalem wall that was not destroyed and left through the centuries

Garden Tomb – Golgotha, the likely place where Jesus was crucified (John 19:17) and laid in a Tomb (Mark 15:46). (This is a short distance from Damascus Gate of Old City Jerusalem)

– Capernaum – the town where Jesus spent lots of time ministering. Located here is the remains of a synagogue – the only one in there. It is likely at this synagogue where Jesus taught in John 6:59. Capernaum is also the home town of the Apostle Peter

Qunram – the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. This archaelogical site is where many original manuscripts of the Bible were found.

– Jordan River – no one knows the exact spot where Jesus was baptised along the Jordan River. This is one of the locations traditionally recognised as the Baptism Site of Jesus

Bethlehem – the town where Jesus was born in a manger as recorded in Matthew 2:1

Sea of Galilee – where Jesus walked on the water as recorded in Matthew 14:25.

Masada – Ancient Fort where 960 Jews defended for a long while before committing mass suicide in ~AD73 because they refused to surrender and become slaves to the attacking Romans.

I recommend that you visit Israel to appreciate the rich biblical history of this land, where Jesus Christ once walked, more than 2,000 years ago. Hope you will like these videos and share them. Thank you.

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