Another area of innovation spurred by Covid-19….

The coronavirus has spurred innovation in a lot of areas. Here’s another area of innovation whose importance was realised when supply chains were disrupted as a result of many cities being in lockdown – urban farming.

Singapore is such a small country. There is just no space for large-scale farming at all. 90% of its food requirements are important. With supply chains disrupted recently, the need for self-sufficiency in food supply became apparent. Meanwhile, those who have ventured into tech-driven agriculture came into the spotlight.

There are now farms on the roof tops of high rise public housing. There are also purpose-built vertical farms with calibrated environments that promote the growth of certain types of food. For example, strawberries don’t grow in the humid environment of Singapore. But in climate-controlled environment, they can thrive.

Check out these 2 articles that show the types of tech innovation that are making headlines. It may not just be Singapore. Every city in lockdown will appreciate this when they have no choice but to depend on its own produce.

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