Test for the antibodies, not the virus – Singapore team invents test-kit that detects virus antibodies in 1 hour….

There are many test kits for the covid-19 virus. But if you have recovered, you will test negative for the virus. You may have been asymptomatic and no one knows who you have been in contact with when you had the virus.

This test kit detects the antibodies, not the virus. Antibodies are the resistance that our bodies have developed to fight the virus. It is not clear as to how Long these antibodies will stay in our bodies or whether they provide auto-immunity for us. But their detection will help us discover more about the coronavirus and help us develop strategies to better prepare us for the future.

This test kit – called CPass will soon be made available to Hospitals in Singapore as it goes into production. It is a marathon journey to overcome the covid-19 virus. But this is definitely one of the positive steps forward.

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