The business model for Sports may never be the same again

Last month, I made a post on how the Korean Baseball league started playing their games at stadiums without the fans. Instead, there were banners put up at the seats simulating fans at the stadiums. I do not know if recorded cheers and victorious screams were played in the stadiums when either side scored.

Looks like other sports events are beginning to commence in similar fashion. Last night, the German Football league started playing without fans in their stadium. Echoes of players shouting as they played could be heard in the empty stadium as the match was broadcasted worldwide.

I started thinking about the potential changes required in the sports business model if this was the new norm. Without revenue from ticket sales, food & drinks at the stadiums, etc. there will need to be increased broadcast fees to sustain the costs involved in bringing having such matches.

Elsewhere, we see different sports personalities taking on other jobs in order to sustain themselves. Miyake, a Japanese fencer, took on food delivery Jobs to gain a minimum daily income and stay active by cycling to do the deliveries. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about disruptive changes in almost every industry. Who knows what will be next.

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