Coronavirus pandemic forces everyone to innovate and adapt….

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in all types of innovation. There is high-tech innovation – such as the use of drones, robots to deliver food and high-tech temperature sensors embedded in law-enforcement officers’ helmets.

There are also a myriad of practical innovations. For example, the protective screens used by diners above and also those used in taxis shown below.

This shows the adaptability of mankind. When cornered, he will find a solution.

Many businesses are struggling to survive during this downturn. They have also adjusted their products to stay relevant.

For example Nippon paint has developed a special coating that protects workers from picking up virus from painted surfaces.

These are just some of the many inventions that have arisen out of the covid-19 pandemic, out of need and for the need to survive.

It is so interesting to see all these ideas brought forth to address the need of the hour. If you know of others, please share.

The coronavirus pandemic has also hastened Singapore’s smart nation drive in the following ways: 1) cashless transactions becoming a reality as transactions move online 2) Working from home being a new norm 3) Home-based learning taking prominence 4) small enterprises going digital 5) Extensive use of Robots

Check out the following article…

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