How to “virtually” bring sports fans back to the stadiums…zoom-in!

Football, baseball & other stadium-based sports may never be the same again. In Korea, they played base-ball in an empty stadium with banners of fans in the seats. The German Football league continued with the Football season with no fans in the stadium 2 Saturdays ago. Echos of the players shouting to each other during play could be heard in the TV broadcast. Last Saturday, they included records of fans cheers so that the stadium did not sound so empty.

Now, they are going to try a new way to “virtually” bring back Football fans in Copenhagen. They will let the fans “zoom”-in! When the fans cheer at home, their voices will be projected into the stadium. In this way, even though the stadium may be empty, it had the live but “virtual” support of their fans cheering for them.

If this is the way forward for stadium-based sports events, the business model for sports must certainly change.

Instead of relying on stadium ticket sales, it’s going to be sales log-in access IDs.

This may mean that matches may reach a wider audience, which is traditionally limited by the capacity of stadiums. But it also means that there will have to be a review of broadcast fees charged to TV networks.

Whatever it is, this is yet another disruption caused by covid-19, requiring us to re-think business models in the post-Covid new world…

Certainly food for thought….

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