Here’s how I managed to lose 5kg naturally this year thus far….

I have managed to lose 5kg from the beginning of this year till now. (Check out my earlier post on “5 things you should know to lose weight”.) This means an average of about 1 kg per month. Here are a few things I have noticed during this weight-loss journey:

1) It is important to get sufficient sleep. Sleep helps to burn calories and bring about tissue repair. Without regular sleep, your metabolic cycle goes haywire.

2) Vary your exercise regime. Our bodies are very good at “compensating”. If you are always running 5km as your exercise, over time, you may lose less calories because your body knows what you are up to and reduces the effort required. As a result, you burn less calories. Hence, you should have a combination of static exercises, different length of runs or different speeds of runs, etc.

3) Count your calorie intake. After heavy exercise workouts, we tend to have a better appetite and end up consuming more. It is necessary that we keep calorie intake to about 1,500 per day in order to lose weight effectively.

If you are working on a similar weight-loss programme, do share your experience!

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