We need the real America to stand up…

I spent half my entire career working in US multinational companies. These are great companies. One simple but always relevant lesson I learnt working for US companies is never to let myself make excuses for my failures and mistakes. Instead, we acknowledge them, learn from them and execute recovery plans to overcome them.

But what is happening to the real America now? First, President Trump tweeted that the trade deal with China is in tact. Just earlier, the White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro said that the deal was over. And he even blamed it on China’s failure to provide early warning to the world regarding the Coronavirus outbreak. Why the disconnect? Why so uncoordinated? Surely the US leadership can do better than this?

Just as every country carried out their own plans to contain the coronavirus outbreak, the United States should have responded similarly. Instead, what we saw was a lack of coordinated actions across states and different messages from different authorities. The result? The US has the highest infection rates in the world and the leadership is still in denial regarding this. Worst still, they laid blame on everyone else and took no ownership of the situation.

When Hong Kong experienced riots in 2019, the US leadership commented that the Hong Kong police ought to exercise restrain even as it faced violent protestors. When riots erupted recently in the US, the same government defended the actions of its police officers when they took firm actions against violent protestors. Don’t get me wrong – I think Police Officers have a right to defend themselves when their own lives are in danger. But the question is – why are the US leaders having double standards? Are they so fearful of the rise of China that they have to resort to such an approach? Can the rise of China be harnessed to motivate America to be even greater than it is now? Surely the answer is yes. If so, why is the US leadership not issuing the rallying cry to unite its people towards a greater America but adopting such tactics instead?

Don’t blame the President. The President is surrounded by advisers. They are the ones closest to him and must influence him to do what is right. It is time that they unite together for the good of America and the whole world. This needs leadership. I trust the Americans will rise to the occasion.

Check out this article – “Will the real America stand up and be counted?” It really brings out the heart of the issue.

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