Why Singapore has relatively low Covid-19 death rate…

Singapore has a resident population of about 6M. The Covid-19 infection rate is 7,287 per million – one of the highest in the world. This can be attributed to the # of people being tested and the population density.

It should also be noted that most of the infections in Singapore are amongst its foreign workers who live in dormitories and in very close proximity.

But the important thing to note is the very Low death rate of Covid-19 patient in Singapore. It currently stands at 0.1% or 4 per million. Besides the fact that most of the patients are generally younger foreign workers, alot of this has to do with the good healthcare system the country has. There is enough capacity in its ICUs. The extensive toasting resulted in early detection and isolation of the infected patients. Coordination amongst Singapore’s government agencies also allowed swift contact tracing. All these have enabled Singapore to keep the Covid-19 death rates very low.

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