COVID-19 Vaccines will not be silver bullet to end pandemic…

While there are at least 140 Covid-19 vaccines being developed, the man who co-discovered the Ebola virus (Prof Peter Piot) warned that vaccines will not be the silver bullet to end this current pandemic. And his reasons are sound & reasonable.

Besides the fact that any vaccine will need time before its true effectiveness can be validated, the fact is that the time & space factor that has to be considered. We currently do not have the capacity to produce dosages for Billions of people in the world. There are also insufficient glass vials to hold the vaccine. Do read the full details in the article below.

The facts remain: we need to adapt to a new normal and raise awareness of hygiene standards for everyone. Face masks will help control the spread of such air-borne diseases – we ought to use them for everyone’s good. (There is an opportunity for innovation in this area). Social responsibility is important – if you are sick, stay at home!

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