Update to S-REITS and shareholder by/sell activities

Here’s an update to the S-REITS performance for the week ended 3 July 2020.

Singapore just announced that hotels can commence operations to cater to staycations for the local market. This is good news for the hospitality-related REITS with properties in the local market.

Retail REITS continue to benefit as crowds return to the malls.

Industry REITS, especially those with a data-centre play continue to receive great interests as factory activities pick up. Interests in digitalisation associated with Covid-19 will also increase demand for server/data centre space.

Check out this summary table below…

The following table shows the “insider” shareholder buy/sell activities for their own shares. Please remember that there could be many reasons why an “insider” shareholder is doing this. One reason could be “profit-taking” or “value-buying”. But it could also be the rebalancing of their own portfolio. It’s always better to assess the overall fundamentals of a company and not just use “insider” buy/sell activities as a measure of interest in a company.

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