Update to S-REITs and buy/sell activities by shareholders – week ending 10 Jul 2020…

Singapore goes to the polls today. It is a public holiday. Here’s an update on the performance of S-REITS.

Retail REITS continue to shine as people return to the malls following their re-opening after 2 mths of “lockdown” in a Singapore. Cinemas will re-open this weekend.

The big question remains for office-REITS. What will demand be like since many companies have enabled employees to work from home? COVID-19 puts a damper on hot-desking arrangements. Will this mean an increase in office space since every employee should be allocated some permanent space with sufficient safety distance? Or will it mean that some employees will permanently work from home thereby reducing demand for office space? There is still uncertainty surrounding this.

The following table shows the “insider” shareholder buy/sell activities for their own shares.

Please remember that there could be many reasons why an “insider” shareholder is doing this. One reason could be “profit-taking”. But it could also simply be the rebalancing of their own portfolio. It’s always better to assess the overall fundamentals of a company and not just use “insider” buy/sell activities as a measure of interest in a company.

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