Footgolf – will this take off ?

Golf is about using a club to hit a small ball into hole far away in the fewest number of strokes. There’s now a version of Golf that uses a bigger ball – a Football or soccer ball where you aim to do the same, not with a club but with your foot.

That’s why they call it FootGolf. The good thing about this game is that you don’t need any special equipment except a Football. You do need vast amount of space just like Golf.

Perhaps this would be a great sport for people like Lionel Messi or Ronaldo to retire into when they no longer have the stamina for conventional Football but can still kick a ball accurately. You need people like them to create a follower base before this sport can get popular. But I don’t imagine businessmen using this sport to socialise and close business deals.

What do you think? In your opinion, will this sport take off?

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