From curtain salesman to Facebook Live Host – see what Covid-19 made this man do!

This young man – Dylan Tan – used to be a curtain salesman. Covid-19 literally “killed” that job overnight. Forced to make a living, he became a Facebook Live host!

In 5 minutes, he sold 700 live lobsters, 1,600 brioche bums, 1,200 blocks of French butter & 800 do-it-yourself chilli crab sets. He would never have done this if not because of Covid-19.

In a physical shop, he sells to only people who walk by the shop. On the Internet, he can be selling to 1,000 people concurrently. Welcome to the new era of Internet Commerce!

Other business have also done things differently to stay afloat. Restaurants have featured themselves on delivery platforms. Some have partnered with complementary product companies to provide bundled offerings. Covid-19 has certainly forced many out of their comfort zones!

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