Is globalisation and immigration really taking away local jobs in Singapore?

I like this article. It discusses the issue of globalisation and immigration in Singapore and whether local jobs are really taken away by foreign talent. Their conclusion? More data is required because it appears to be so from a certain perspective. On the other hand, immigration is necessary because there are certain jobs that can’t be filled by locals.

The hard truth is that water will find its own level. If the big companies like Google, Facebook & other global tech companies do not put their headquarters in Singapore, some other country will benefit. And if they are located in Singapore and the locals cannot meet their manpower requirements, then other global talents will be necessary to fill that gap. The locals must realise that they must constantly up their game in order to stay employable. I like to look back at this article 10 years later and see what the situation is like by then.

The same dilemma of globalisation and immigration is faced by many nations. Many Politicians make this their election message. It appeals to many. But we really need to put aside the emotion to understand the matter objectively.

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