Will You take a flight to nowhere?

You have heard of “Cruise to nowhere” holidays. But what do you think of “Flights to nowhere”?

Qantas Airways launched a sight-seeing flight where planes fly low so that passengers can view major sights such as the Great Barrier Reef and other major landmarks. In 10 minutes, the tickets were snapped up. I thought the thrill of travel was not so much the flying but the excitement of landing in a different place. But it looks like there are some who don’t mind being locked up in the cabin of a plane.

Many airlines are mulling over such offerings even as Thai Airways offered an inflight experience on the ground.

On the other hand, environmental groups are concerned that such flights are totally unnecessary and only add carbon dioxide to the air. They even made recommendations of how airlines can get additional revenue by offering flight experiences without having to let their aircrafts take off. This include tours to inflight cabins, cockpits and watching a movie in business/first class. Sounds like a feasible idea. Why not?

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