These are the 5 richest people in China…

It’s end Sep 2020. The 5 richest people in China are: Jack Ma, Zhong Shanshan, Pony Ma, William Ding, He Xiangjian. Zhong Shanshan briefly overtook Jack Ma last week when tech stocks tanked. That’s how it is since most of the worth of these billionaires are invested in stocks & shares. The brief moment brought Zhong Shanshan into prominence since Jack Ma had dominated the limelight of the rich list in China.

My wish for these rich men is that they will learn to give away their wealth like Chuck Feeney, Warren Buffett & Bill Gates. There are millions in China living in poverty and many poor farmers working hard to put food on the dining tables of their families. These men brought nothing into this world and they will bring nothing with them when they leave. They have worked hard; but it is the hand of divine providence that made them what they are. Hopefully, they will appreciate this and give away graciously just as they have received.

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